Do you know about New Tool how Facebook and Google can track you?

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Do you know about New Tool how Facebook and Google can track you?

Do you know about New Tool how Facebook and Google can track you?
With all the new inventions been made in our world, it is very easy to get our things done. In fact, I have used many tools or apps to live in this world.

So, here comes a new tool which shows how the social networking sites to track you down through your device’s battery level, and through the email which you have sent.

Surprised? I was also surprised at first, but now I have accepted this fact.

This new tool’s name is vpnMentor, provides the information to you about how these social networking sites like Facebook, Google, Instagram always tracks down your current location when you are using these apps.

A recent study by online security experts vpnMentor discovered how social networking sites are really tracking down our every move.

Their discovery includes:

1. Private Messages keeper

      • Some popularly used apps like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, uses all your details which you provide on their messaging services, while other sites such as Twitter and Spotify openly claim that they have access to any messages sent on their database.
      • Surprised? Don’t worry there are more to come.

2. Current Location tracker–

      • Do you know? Apps such as Tinder, tracks down your location when you don’t use the app. But other apps like, Instagram and Facebook track down your location, save your most commonly visited locations and your home address too.
      • Shocking right?

3. Your Device Details–

      • I had no clue on this one, but seriously this was a major shocking.
      • The most famous sites Amazon and Google saves the voice recordings from searches and Alexa, and then Apple Music tracks all the phone calls and emails received and sent on the devices where the services were used. Facebook and Instagram track your signal, battery level and your nearby Wi-Fi spots.

4. Don’t have a profile? So, are you safe?

      • I know some people who don’t hold any account in these sites are so happy, as they think their data is safe.
      • Your happiness only lasted for 10 seconds, because there is no one in the world who doesn’t use the most popular site called Google.
      • Unfortunately, it keeps the track of your activity on third party sites that use Google features like adverts.

5. Think twice before accepting the Terms and Conditions provided by these social networking sites.

      • Some people are so engaged in having an account in these sites, that they don’t even read all the privacy policies, or any terms and conditions provided by these sites.
      • These terms and conditions clear many doubts regarding the sites.

6. Beware of Online Dating Sites

      • Trying to find a best suitable partner through a best online dating site?
      • Nowadays the trend is to find that “the one” through online dating apps.
      • Before you tell secrets to your interested partner let me make this very clear that your secrets of course your personal data was shared to many other sites through this site.
      • So, that some have the access to share your personal messages to potential suitors.
      • One of the reports revealed that the dating sites within the, Tinder, OKcupid, Plentyoffish, all these sites share, all the data, with all of them.
      • And for those people who considered themselves as lucky by setting up the “Do Not Track” option offered by some sites, which provides to stop sites tracking your information, this is not going to solve your problems either.
      • These major sites respond to the signal given and continue to track you. The fact is, Facebook holds all the data provided about you from others too, for example they upload your contact details without your permission.

7. Exceptions

    • If there are bad in the world, then there is also good.
    • Coming to the exceptions, a dating app called Happn, claims that it does not keep the track of location of the users.

With these new shocking happenings, I know people have would have started having trust issues with their favorite sites.  And here again, I am just sharing a biggest fact with you that your data have been controlled according to their rules. So, from now on before holding any account in these sites, do have a clear view on the privacy policies.