New and interesting apps, browser extensions discovered to make your Gmail look like Inbox and a Game of throne

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New and interesting apps, browser extensions discovered to make your Gmail look like Inbox and a Game of throne

Nowadays, internet has made the life very much easy. Searching the internet gives a closer look on the best and interesting new websites, apps and browser extensions.

A new discovery includes the chrome extension and an alternative Spotify a web player, to make your Gmail look like Inbox and a Game of throne.

1. Xpotify

Xpotify is an interesting web app (PWA) with a smooth design system that provides snappy animations which allows the users a more native Spotify experience paired with Windows 10 elements. Therefore, it allows you to:

    • Enhances features that are not applicable on Spotify’s desktop app.
    • Designing albums.
    • Solid overlay.
    • Combination of the task bar and the Multimedia bar.
    • Shift to a Mini-View mode
    • Xpotify is accessible for both Spotify Premium and Spotify Free accounts.
    • Setup and fix Live Tiles for each artist in the Start Menu.

2. Simplify Gmail

Another Game of throne app is the Simplify Gmail, which is a new chrome extension. It helps in simplifying Gmail by making various small twists as manually done here.

    • Covering the right and left sidebars behind a pair of menu buttons.
    • Minimizes the search bar at the top of the screen.
    • Tasks, Calendar, Keep, concise in the bottom right.
    • Shifting the compose email button from the top left to the bottom right.
    • Separating the Gmail logo
    • Available in Dark Mode.

3. SpringRole

    • SpringRole, the first professional reputation network to eliminate fraud cases from user profiles which is powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain.
    • It is a time saving activity. It is built on blockchain and uses smart contracts, it is able to verify the reputation, work experience and reputation, give real meaning to reward and user endorsements, outside of their network.
    • SpringRole is mechanized by Blockstack and uses its GAIA decentralised storage system.

4. Unmailto

    • Whenever I click the mailto; links only to open the email client and starts to concur my emails. Unmailto is a free Chrome extension, which makes mailto links copy-able, and blocks the email client.

5. Doc Scanner

    • Doc Scanner by Zoho is an impressive document scanning iOS app. It can scan endless documents and then saves them as PDF files. This app also does a whole range of actions such as extract, e-sign, create workflows, translate, and share.

6. Flixier

    • Flixier is a dynamic video editor runs on your browser. This online video editing tool analysis the video for 1 minute on any computer or device. You can easily get the feedback by simply sharing the link. It includes advanced editing features, plenty of cloud storage and up-to-date collaboration.

7. Taskade

    • Taskade creates a list to capture your ideas and goals and to help in staying organized. The lists could be shared instantly and then combine with your family, friends, and team mates.

8. Birdfie

    • Birdfie is a selfie app made for the birds. This app detects the presence of any bird, then identifies it and takes photos according to that by blurring the background after focusing on the object of interest.

9. Friend Theory

    • Friend Theory is an Android and iOS map-based app that connects you to explore a map of all your friends, friends of friends, and your community friends and can see their city.

Through the internet, it is possible to have any app, and explore it to the fullest. Now due to this, everything is possible, and these apps made more things a lot more possible.