How to Get Your Website on First Page of Google?

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How to Get Your Website on First Page of Google?

You are thinking about “How to get your website on the Frist Page of Google? You are finding the way to generate traffic on your website so as some sales and review you can generate, Right?

You can generate sales with Organic SEO.

Before this, I think you would be thinking What does SEO Stand for?

SEO Stand for Search Engine Optimisation. Means Optimizing / building your site as per Search Engines Guidelines. It is done for business promotion and online marketing to generate leads and sales.

You have a valid question in your mind. Because more than 78% of users search on google when they need something.

And everyone keeps thinking that How to get my website on the first page? and keep trying with many digital marketing methods.

If you want to know how to rank your website on google top of the first page, so do you have any website?

If yes so have you got done or done website analysis? Have you searched ever your product and services ever?

I can understand your problem so I am trying to write something here about How you can see your site on first page within the top 10 rankings?

Whenever you think about to generate sales from google SEO? How to get leads from SEO? How to get your business on Google? etc. etc. …. So, first of all, ask your self the following questions: 

    • Is your website submitted on google?
    • Is your website have no duplicate content?
    • Have you worked on Meta Title and Description?
    • What is your website load time?
    • Does your website have an XML sitemap?
    • Have you checked robots.txt on your website?
    • Your website pages having more than 500 words content or not?
    • The keyword you want to rank is available on the title, first 100 words of your page, in the description, headings or not?
    • Have you used alt tags with images or not?

The above few points I gave are most of the related to On-Page SEO.

After that, you need to check your domain rating on Moz. And no of high-quality backlinks.

Also check competitors keywords, content, and backlink.

So to rank on google first page any website you have to do your whole website audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, and on-pageoff-page SEO.

If you have no proper knowledge so you can hire a SEO Expert, Agency or Freelancer, You can search using search engine optimization agency, search engine optimization freelancer etc.

SEO is very cheaper and affordable if it works.

Now, you got the basic idea about what you require to rank on google first page top ranking, Right?

When you go to google site in your country so you see four to five parts after searching.

In the first part, you see the top 3 listing which is ads that are called google ads, Then you see local listings with the review, address, and map.

In the third part, you see organic search results top 10 with title, description, and URL. After that there are search-related queries means what people are searching related to your query.

At the last part on the left side, you see more paid ads that are also called google ads.

So, hope you are clear about sections of search results. Everyone is trying to come on google first page either its organic search results or local listing.

Because it’s free of cost and if your site started ranking in these two sections and started showing on the first page once so you can not imagine how much sales or leads you will get.

Google Ads / PPC (Pay Per Click) is almost very costly so most of the small and middle-class business don’t prefer to do paid ads.

Once you have done basic things by yourself or by any SEO Expert, SEO Agency or SEO Freelancer then you need to focus on good and unique content.

Content is King in SEO. Your content should be Unique no duplicate most importantly the content that can solve users problem.

Because people search on google when they face any problem or they have any problem or they want something. If you don’t give problem-solving content so the user will skip your page very quickly. That will result in a high bounce rate which is not good for SEO.

Next step is to promote your content. You have good content but no one knows about that so no use of that. Submit that content and page on google, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and create some quality backlinks.

If you don’t know how to promote content for that also you can hire SEO, SMO or SEM expert from, or from your nearby location.

 I want to give the top points which you should consider with your website to rank on the first page of google:

    • Do Improvement on your Website User Experience
    • Add Unique and Problem Solving Content in your Website
    • Share as much as possible on Social Networking Sites
    • Create High-Quality Backlinks
    • Fix all broken links
    • Add alt tags in images and don’t use very heavy images
    • Use properly h1 to h6 heading tags

Hence, very important points I have given above. Focus on it and I am 100% sure you will get a good result.

To check traffic, website health integrates google analytics and google webmasters.

If you want to know what is the use of google analytics and Google Webmasters?

Google Analytics gives you a report about your website traffic, location of traffic, and bounce rate.

Google Webmasters gives you information about your website health, website ranking, keyword impressions, etc.

So SEO is not very tough, if you have time so you can do yourself learning from or reading the blog of Neil Patel, Search Engine General Blog site, etc.

The easiest part is to rank on google first page as follows:

    • Creating Unique and Regular Content
    • Add Rich keywords that generate traffic
    • Optimize your content
    • Share on Social Networking Site
    • Add some backlink else you can leave this part

These above points will help you a lot to generate traffic and ranking on the first page.

What you should not do :

    • Never use short keywords,
    • No duplicate content
    • No article or page less than 1000 words
    • No hidden content
    • No heavy images
    • Don’t write essay kind of content
    • Don’t use too many difficult words

If your site is in WordPress so you can use the SEO Yoast plugin this will help you to know the all on-page issues of your content.

use seo yoast wordpress plugin if you want to rank your website on the first page of google

With SEO Yoast you can optimize your page yourself. It’s a very good tool for on-page SEO.

This tool gives you to guide about your content for instance keyword placement, URL structure, title, h1 headings, meta title, meta description, no of words, keyword density, readability score, no of images being used alt tags, incoming and outgoing links.

So overall all on-page factors this tool check and guide you with the three types of lights Red, Yello, and Green.

If your page gives red light in admin panel it means your SEO is bad for the page, Yello means it’s okay but not good, Green means you pass the eligibility for on-page and now you can submit on google and start doing backlink building / off-page SEO.

I hope in this article “How to Get Your Website on the First page of Google?” you got a lot of useful information. I would be grateful if you share my article everywhere and give your suggestion in comment box.