What is the difference between React JS and React Native?

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What is the difference between React JS and React Native?

What is the difference Between React JS and React Native?

Today, there is a demand of both React JS and React Native among the developers. So, every time a question arises that what is the main difference between React JS and React Native?  So, in this article we can clear all your doubts regarding the both.

1. React JS

    • React JS is a primarily JavaScript library which is mainly used for building web applications and User Interfaces and provides support to both front & back end web which is being run on the server.
    • It was initially developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook, which mainly centralize on visualization.

2. React Native

    • React Native is mainly a framework of native libraries for creating mobile applications.  It is like React JS in a way, but there are differences also.
    • It develops Android App and Native iOS.

 Main Difference between React JS and React Native.

Components React JS React Native
Basis React JS in a JavaScript React Native is a framework.
Creation Creates User-interface for large web applications. Creates Mobile Applications.
Features Rely on JavaScript libraries and CSS It has inbuild features, so that the output is better.
Navigation Uses React-router for Navigation. Uses entirely different Navigator.
Animation Uses CSS components. Uses animated API’s.
Compatibility Use only a single piece of code. Compatible with all the platforms.
Time & Effort Takes less time and effort Takes more time and effort.
Dependency Does require a Third-party Library Tools Does not require a Third-Party Library Tools

Advantages and Disadvantages of React JS and React Native

Components React JS React Native


·         Virtual DOM (HTML, XHTML, XML formats) makes the developer’s work faster and creates a better experience for the user.

·         Saves time.

·         One direction data flow gives a stable code.

·         A Facebook Library.

·         Wide Redux and React Toolset.

·         Uses JavaScript- a fast and popular programming language.

·         Improves performance through Native controls and Native Modules.

·         Contains all features of React JS and aims at improving UI.




·         Documentation is poor.

·         SEO hassle

·         JSX is a barrier due to its complexity.

·         High pace of development.


·         Documentation is poor.

·         Needed improvement in native modules.

·         Limited Third-Party components.

·         Errors, incompatibility and instability.

To sum it up, I would say React JS, is a framework to build applications using JavaScript, while React Native is an entire platform to build cross-platform mobile apps. So, React JS is ideal for building high performing, dynamic, UI for your web interfaces, while React Native gives your mobile apps a native look.