What are the Best SEO Resources for Startup?

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What are the Best SEO Resources for Startup?

Learn SEO from the best resources- Designed for all startups

In the present online world, it is very tough for startups to compete with established companies. They have to focus on all the things, including product launches, funding, and branding.

However, the most intricate part of their marketing is their SEO. Without much knowledge on SEO, it is not easy for them to run the campaign.

We have made a list of some SEO resources that will increase your skill to optimize your website.

Blogs on SEO that you must follow

The best source to learn various SEO techniques is blogs. Several SEO professionals have created blogs to share their knowledge of SEO techniques.


This is one of the blogs, where you can learn various SEO tactics and build traffic for your site. The website has categorized the blogs, based on different topics.

It has covered all the topics, like content marketing, mobile SEO, international SEO, local SEO, on-site SEO, SMM, influencer marketing and link building.

QuickSprout Blog

Neil Patel, a very popular SEO specialist, runs this blogging site. You can get free guides on various topics. You may also submit your email for subscription and get their blogs in your email.

To get more visitors to your site, you rely on the service from Neil Patel.


Backlinko is another blog, where you can find several articles on SEO marketing. Backlinko is not just about backlinks but also about all the topics on online marketing.


This is a very useful tool to search for the viral content on the social platform. You will have various ideas for writing your own content.

You will also find the best influencers on social media for promoting your brand. You will get a chance of analyzing your competitor’s website performance


When you think of checking the SEO status of your site, you may use this tool. Use various parameters to get the result.

The tool finds out the weak parts of your site and helps you in improving the platform. It focuses on your web content and images for on-page SEO.

Google Webmaster

To make sure that your website has the appropriate technical details, you may choose this website. You will have tips for modifying your site.

This tool also alarms you while your site has violated Google’s policies. You can know how the search engine is crawling your site. You may review the Meta description and title tags by using this tool.

Google Analytics

This is useful for all startups and established companies. Google has offered this free tool to manage several sites.

You must install a tailored script of analytics for starting the tracking process. You can find out the location of the visitors, conversion rates and various other details.

You may check out how much effective your campaign is.

Thus, you can rely on any of the above resources for SEO campaign of your new site. These resources make your task very easy.