How to Remove Gmails Clutter with “Simplify” Chrome Extension?

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How to Remove Gmails Clutter with “Simplify” Chrome Extension?

Let’s Remove Gmails Clutter with “Simplify” Chrome Extension?

Nowadays, it’s no obvious that the Simplify chrome extension is one of my favorites, because it takes all the clutter of the Gmail.

I know, for a regular Gmail user, there are less chances to think about the service’s web experience which is cluttered. I’ve been a regular user of Gmail, and it just feels familiar, and I do agree with Simplify developer Michael Leggett that the giant logo and icon in the upper-left corner is slightly overdone.

And none is better than Leggett to take a critical eye towards cleaning out Gmail, who was the cofounder of Google Inbox and the Gmail’s lead designer from 2008 to 2012.

I find it unbelievably interesting that he hates, what Google has done to Gmail’s design; and now, I can only assume that his motivation for his growth, Simplify, which strips out most of Gmail’s entire network.

Here’s what the difference looks like:

1. Normal Gmail:

2. Simplify Gmail:

Simplify isn’t a compete Gmail transformation, as the changes aren’t extremely dramatic. Though, the logo is gone, in the entire Gmail right side panel (now available in the lower-right corner, through a triple-dot icon).

The pretty plus icon replaced the compose button, in the lower-right corner.

Also, your email is now addressed directly in your browser. I didn’t like this at first, but now it is not a problem for me.

Simplify is a new way to present one’s Gmail. If nothing else, I love that Leggett is clear about what the development does, because as a webpage, the data privacy is as important and critical. He writes:

“You should always be super careful what extensions or apps you use with your email. Simplify is mostly some CSS plus a little Javascript to apply the CSS. There are no trackers. No data is sent or shared. No ads ever. Promise. And all the code can be inspected on Github.”

There will be more benefits of Simplify versions if in the future, it allows you to choose which you want to modify, uncover and focused.