WordPress Web Development Trends 2019

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WordPress Web Development Trends 2019

Do you know what’s trending in the WordPress Community?

Before this, let us move to the fact that there are more than 1.8 billion websites active on the Internet among which one-third of websites are running on the WordPress platform. This figure showcases how the popularity of the WordPress platform has evolved and why it is preferred the most among various CMS resources.

WordPress is a platform that offers innovative design with the use of best plugins, templates, and tools. With the tremendous rise in popularity, it is clear that in 2019 too, the WordPress Development System will power hundreds of websites.

Let us take you on the tour to exciting WordPress Web Development Trends that will be ruling in 2019 and you can too implement them if thinking to create a WordPress Site.

1. Use Of AR & VR Technology

We all know technology is increasing rapidly and with its advancement, we are moving more towards the Virtual world. AR & VR has become trending technologies to create attractive websites. All the WordPress developers are setting the internet on fire implementing the next-generation technology that is AR & VR.
The plugins of WordPress offers the users to embed these technologies in websites taking their online presence to the next level. All in all, bringing this feature for designing the WordPress sites will surely help you project the exciting and amazing sites supporting 360 DEGREE videos and images too. Here are a few plugins below that can help you:

    • 360 Degree Panoramic Image Viewer: It is a responsive WordPress plugin that allows you to place “hotspots” to images on your site providing the visitors with the immense experience.
    • WP-VR-View: It is an exciting plugin that helps to showcase 360-degree images and videos on your website.

2. Header Videos Will Be The Hero

Video headers are a must when creating a dreamy website as these are liable to represent the users with the site’s most innovative and influential content. WordPress has made it possible by offering the themes that can embed the video headers. Here are some of the themes below:

    • Naila: Offers to create a single-page website with video background display.
    • Inspiro: Want to show off a video portfolio? The Inspiro theme will be the best choice.
    • Balzac:It is one of the flexible and responsive themes that offers full video support.

3. Rise in Drag & Drop WordPress Themes

WordPress is a platform known for offering free & user-friendly layouts, plugins, and more. WordPress Web Development also offers the themes and plugins that are simple to intricate and varies in prices too.

In the year 2018, “drag and drop themes” were in trend which allows customizing the websites eliminating the need for coding. The best part is these themes are user-friendly and can be used by both the expert developers and non-experts with the ease. Here below are some themes offered by Drag & Drop WordPress:

    • Uplift: This theme features plenty of elements that are easy to customize with your WordPress site
    • BeTheme: It is a responsive and easy-to-use theme that is perfect for beginners and who wants to create multilingual websites.
    • Foundry:It is a responsive theme offering flexible elements that are easy to customize.

Want to experience the magic of WordPress drag & drop with Video Headers?

Select a video header widget, drag & drop it, and determine the loading speed on the website.

4. Mobile Optimized Design

When talking about responsive web designs, mobile devices strikes the mind. From last few years, the number of mobile users has exceeded as compared to desktop users. This fact made it clear that creating the mobile optimized and responsive sites is the need of today’s world.

Now the question arises as to how you’ll optimize your site for Mobile users?

WordPress has brought mobile themes that are meant for enhancing the user’s mobile experience. These plugins include WPtouch that allows you to create a customized mobile site, Elementor plugin that enables you to customize widths and elements as per the device, and many more.

5. Focus On Animated Features

Flash-based animations were quite trending on the websites but its popularity decreased due to its few limitations. But with the evolution of HTML and CSS, they are doing a great comeback making the user experience more exciting and engaging.

Using the animations helps you to provide business related information to your users. So, if you are aiming for the same purpose then animation is the thing to interact with your customers in an exciting manner.

6. Content Management

Content is the key to engage the customers and take control of their actions. It hardly matters what technology or tactics you use, the content will always remain important for the growth of the website. So, whatever exciting you are doing like adding images, videos, infographics to your site, make sure all these are embedded with well-written quality and engaging content.

7. Latest WordPress Features & Improvements

WordPress keeps on updating its versions on a regular basis with excellent features and improvements in the functionalities of existing ones. WordPress takes care of every concern from improving code edition, managing themes to easy customization features.

The frequent changes in WordPress Development need you to implement changes in your website to grow your business more efficiently and this will only be allowed by the latest WP improvements and features.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, 2019 will be a thrilling year for both WordPress users and developers. Only you have to do is keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies. Counting on these most significant WordPress Web Development trends can help you create a responsive, engaging, and attractive website. But make sure you keep yourself updated with the WordPress upcoming trends as it will continue to gain the popularity with the better plugins, themes, and functionalities. Good Luck!

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