Top 5 Points about WordPress Cookie Consent / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Top 5 Points about WordPress Cookie Consent / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Top 5 Points about WordPress Cookie Consent / General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Today we hear about the GDPR around the web. This is now pretty focused news which is now going on due to the security.

Q.1 What is WordPress cookie consent?

Let me make this clear that here we are not talking about the cookies you eat. So here a browser cookie is a type of file which the website uses to remember the user data. The website remembers you when the files gets stored in your browser.

So, like that WordPress blogs and websites also stores different types of data using these cookies.

Q.2 What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which is a privacy law approved by the European Commission, on 14th April 2016, to protect the personal data and the rights of the EU citizens i.e. 28 member states.

This replaced 95/46/EC Directive on Data Protection of 24 October (1995) which is broader that the Cookie Law (2011).

Q.3 How do I add cookie consent in WordPress?

    • To start things off, install then activate the Cookie Notice Plugin. Then, at the bottom of your WordPress website, there will appear a Notification bar.
    • Then open the Settings open then, Cookie Notice, to customize it to your liking and to make permanent changes.
    • Then after coming down, you can enable the Read more link, and can alter the text of your agreement button. The first one will give you a choice to add a custom link into your cookie policy.
    • If you are not sure what to add, then the Cookie Notice will suggest you to use the Iubenda Cookie Policy generator.
    • Then in the next setting, it focuses on whether the user get to refuse the cookies. But if you enable this, it will show you an additional field to let you enter the code for your persistent cookies. If you will agree, the code will proceed.
    • Then after that, you get the option to see whether the scrolling implies consent. As we are suggesting, you shouldn’t enable this option if you are opting to go with the explicit consent. But it totally depends on you. Then, you can configure the length of the persistent cookies.
    • So, we are done with the plugin main settings. If you want to change the configuring settings, that’s totally up to you.
    • So, like these steps you can enable Cookie Consent in WordPress.

Q. 4 How do I pop up cookie in WordPress?

    • To add a Cookie pop up in WordPress:
      • Activate the plugin, then go to the Settings then, to Cookie Consent page.
      • Then there will be a default setting in the option.
      • Click on the save changes after your customization.
      • Then, your changes will be saved automatically.

Q.5 Best Plugin for GDPR Cookie Consent?

So, for deciding the best plugin for the GDPR Cookie Consent we bought you the appropriate examples:

    • GDPR Cookie Consent Banner by termly.
    • Cookie Notice for GDPR by dFactory.
    • GDPR Cookie Compliance by Moove Agency.
    • EU Cookie Law by Alex Moss.
    • GDPR by Trew Knowledge.

WordPress Cookie Consent/ GDPR will protect your general data provided by the European Commission. So, I hope it will surely help you clear all your doubts regarding the cookie consent.