Which plugin required for every WordPress website?

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Which plugin required for every WordPress website?

Which plugin required for every WordPress website? Is there a set of plugins that are mandatory for every WordPress site you build & promote?

WordPress Plugins are a great tool to add more functionality to WordPress. So, there are a lot of best plugins out there like SEO Plugins, Speed Optimization Plugins, Security Plugins, Social Media and marketing Plugins.

I am here to clear all your doubts regarding the WordPress Plugins. So, let me give you topmost WordPress Plugins names in each section.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

So, let me introduce to you the most downloaded Plugin of all the times. There is a long list of the features of WordPress SEO

    • And here it is, Yoast WordPress SEO is the best solution for all your SEO needs.
    • This allows you to add Page of your site, SEO title, Meta Description, and meta keywords to each post.
    • Now, it is very easy to customize your main site, category, archives and tag pages.
    • Update your site with the Twitter Cards, Sitemaps, Open Graph Meta Data, Ping Search Engines.

2. Security Plugins for WordPress

Nowadays we need security at all the places, from keeping our house safe to keeping our social media sites safe from hacking.

So, why not keep our WordPress secure by these Plugins.

Don’t worry guys! I am going to give you all the best examples of security guards for keeping your WordPress safe.

2.1 Sucuri Security Plugin

The Sucuri Security Plugin provides you both paid and free versions. So, here comes the best features of this Plugin.

    • It provides SSL Certificates. It available in the packages and obviously you must pay for it.
    • Get customer service through instant chat and email.
    • Get instant notifications when you feel something is wrong in your websites.
    • Get Advanced DDoS Protection through some plans.

3. Speed Optimization Plugins

Again, I am here to help you out. I bought you some of the Speed Optimization Plugins.

3.1 WP Rocket

    • WP Rocket was rated number one cache plugin in Facebook polls.
    • It’s a well worth premium plugin.
    • It is the easiest cache plugin and is updated frequently.

4. Social Media and Marketing Plugins

4.1 Shared Counts

    • Shared counts are the most easy and fast to use social media plugin.
    • It comes with the most popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Yummly.
    • There are lot of button styles and you can decide where to show the button.

4.2 Hubspot Conversion Tools

This Plugin helps you easily to build the contact forms for your WordPress website. This includes:

    • Contact Database
    • Live chat widget
    • Previously written code
    • Pop-up Creator
    • It helps you to keep all the features in a single location.

These Plugins helps in many ways to your websites. It helps to improve your sites, whether it is for the speeding up, page loading time, enhancing the site’s functionality. Give a try to these plugins and see what they can do to enhance your day to day WordPress features.